Just as doctors have specialized in women's disorders for a long time, there have been doctors for a number of years who have recognized that there are also diseases and symptoms in men which require specialized medical care.

The urologists have presumed to be chiefly concerned with this subject. This does not mean that urologists are also male doctors. Menstrual complaints are often reduced by the urologists to the urogenital tract and the organic. Other areas such as the male psyche, the hormones and even the breast of the men come too short. But also the internal medicine with all areas, the orthopedics and all other medical and fields play an important role in the mens medicine. As a general practitioner, I always treat the whole person, and therefore, of course, has a very wide, interdisciplinary angle of view. Should I consider special supplementary examinations and diagnostics necessary, this can be requested without difficulty from the appropriate specialists. For these reasons, I consider the men to be very well cared for and taken care of. Only the physicians should also accept this. To the men who come to me, I would like to offer the whole range of treatments for all age groups from the juvenile junior over the man in the bloom of the best years to the older senior.

There is no tabuthema! Some of my treatment suggestions are not in any textbooks and are certainly controversial. Male medicine is urgently needed in the face of a sexualized, performance-oriented society that is burdened with taboos and conventions. Men do not like to talk about their problems. Often they do not even recognize their problems. Men are quite large in repression. Man has to work like the car, or you're not a real man. These men have often been crushed by these men's demands.

In my masculine medicine, of course, I go to the general things like diet, medicine, sports and the hormones. But this is the usual. These areas are described and explained in many books. But, finally, we admit it, the most definite problem of men is the erectile dysfunction the so-called impotence! To be potent, men do almost everything, pay every price for every crap such as. Extracts from Tigerhoden.

The older the man, the more frequently the problem, the greater the effort to be potent.

There is lied with friends, bought on the Internet and the problem with itself displaced.

"I do not need that anymore!" Great cars or motorcycles are bought as potency prostheses and expensive golf courses are visited. "There are finally other things in life"! Bullshit!

Deep in the heart, each man defines more or less over this thing between the legs. Is it big, small, it works or not.

That it is often subordinate for most women whether the potency of a man is good interests us men as little. Women only shake their heads in the face of this way of thinking.

In my treatments and treatment proposals I do not pay attention to conventions and what is written in the literature.

Yes, I am a man for these problems of men. Talk to me!

Often there are simple solutions.

Man just has to trust.

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