Erectile dysfunction (ED)

Medically, impotence is called erectile dysfunction (ED). This is understood to mean the inability of the limb to get and maintain an erection which makes possible a satisfying sexual intercourse.

There are different types of ED.

  1. The penis does not become sufficiently hard. The sexual intercourse is u.U.U. But the penis is much less hard than before.
  2. Furthermore, a good erection could occur, but this is not maintained for a sufficiently long time. After a short time the limb becomes relaxed.
    Normally there are several spontaneous reactions in the second half of the man. A starting ED may already show itself in the relaxation of nocturnal spontaneous reactions.
  3. I must reiterate that signs of an erectile dysfunction can be clear indications and an early warning system for impending myocardial infarction, stroke and general atherosclerosis!

Therefore, the treatment of ED always starts with the analysis and therapy of the general risk factors.

These are reductions in body weight, normalization of blood pressure, lowering of blood lipids, normalization of the blood sugar and, above all, nicotine discarding. If regular sports are added, the testosterone level will also increase. This alone can lead to an improvement in the ED and to its elimination.

Of course, there are other reasons for an erectile dysfunction. In the first place there is a previous prostate surgery. But also after each operation in the under-floor area, e.g. Hernia surgery may result in an ED. Medicines are known to have the effect of using so-called beta blockers (a drug used to treat high blood pressure).

The causes of erectile dysfunction are difficult to objectify.

Apart from the organic and physiological factors, the psychological influences play an enormous influence on the erection. For these reasons, I am not using the internationally recognized IIEF-5 questionnaire on ED.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

The detailed, open anamnesis discussion is at the beginning of each treatment. It is necessary here that all aspects are discussed ruthlessly and clearly.

Often the therapy after the first conversation already results. In a further conversation, ideally the husband or a partner of the man should be involved.

According to my observations, more than 60% of all erectile dysfunction is significantly influenced by mental factors. An organic cause often does not exist!

The urologist can only be consulted for the purpose of clarifying possible organic damage. Otherwise the male physician or sexualtherapeut is the right and promising contact person. The most common and simplest way of treating ED is to take so-called PDE-5 inhibitors (phospho-diesterase inhibitors).

These are e.g. Viagra (Sildenafil), Levitra (Verdenafil), Spedra (Avanafil) or Cialis (Tadalafil). I think nearly 90% of all patients with erectile dysfunction will be treated with these medications which are prescribed by a doctor. The side effects of these drugs are relatively low, but the effect is quite good. The mechanism of action is based on the reduction of the flow of blood from the penis veins and an improved arterial inflow into the penis.

With the PDE-5 inhibitors almost always the therapy of my medical colleagues already stops.

Right here, my therapy differs from the usual treatment of the ED.

Non-drug treatment of ED

The problem of unsatisfactory erection in organically healthy patients is often a socially, morally psychological problem. It is nevertheless as I wrote above has a quite natural development that the physical sexual stimulus is greater with a new partner than after years of being together.

But it is precisely this erotic, more sexual stimulus that triggers the entire mechanism of the erection. Only through this stimulus is the whole hormonal, psychological, nerval cascade triggered. As already mentioned, man is polygamous, which is negatively affected in our society, especially for religious reasons. Even the relationship to the undressed, human body is highly disturbed by society. Just a few years ago, the erotic touching of one's own body and self-sufficiency were impregnated as immoral. This sexual morality, deeply rooted in our society, is actually lived by only a minority. Enough good studies are available. This double moral is omnipresent in the deepest religious and highest social strata. It is therefore necessary to relativize this blocking morality leading to serious guilt. Men's clothing


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