Male medicine is identical in the general areas of general medicine and anti-aging medicine. Many publications on men's medicine are also available in medical books of internal medicine, urology, cardiology, psychology, etc. A book on mens medicine must, of course, deal with the right diet, sports, anatomy, and so on. As a male physician, however, I primarily see my task as making specific solutions and behavioral suggestions for men, so that you can have fun as a man.

I would like to briefly explain the following:

1. "Freerooms"

Most men live in a fixed relationship and want this to remain so. Nevertheless, it is extremely important for mental balance if there are personal, individual and fixed freaks. A regular meeting with sports friends for tennis or football, a visit to a sporting event or a walk in the park is often enough. The time scale and how this time is filled is individual. The only condition, the partner, the families, the job, etc. have nothing to look for. Free spaces are necessary for inner relaxation.

2. "Sport"

There is the medical principle that the organ which is not used is diseased and its function gradually ceases. This is particularly true of the movement apparatus, the brain, but also the sexual organs.

The less we move, the worse we will move! The muscles are getting louder! Our best part, by the way, the less it is used!

Goethe: "In youth, all limbs are soft, except for one thing. In old age, all limbs are stiff, except one. "Goethe thus summed up the point.

Laziness and lack of movement are the beginning of the end.

If the weight increases, then the devil's circle is closed. It is becoming more and more difficult with increasing age.

Discipline is the magic word! At least every 2nd day about 30 minutes of perpetual training is compulsory! Not the TV is first asked in the evening, but the bike or the treadmill. Sauna is only for recreation and ranks rather to the area "Freiräume und Wellness"

3. "nutrition"

Basically, I know from a medical point of view no real prohibitions in the diet. Of course, there are recommendable, but also very harmful food. Anyone who thinks they need to harm themselves with cola and fries, should do so. However, the less, the better. If, however, children are serving cola and fat fries or chips, I think deliberate personal injury against minors.

A big problem is alcohol and cigarettes. Although the effects of the consumption of cigarettes and regular consumption of alcohol are known, there is often no reason to look for this. Especially with respect to nicotine consumption, there is no argument at all that speaks for consumption, but very many against it. It is absurd to swallow on the one hand and to swallow potency pills on the other!

Each cigarette, every alcohol consumption weakens the male potency!

If you want to know your ideal body shape as a man, you do not need a scale but a measuring tape. The body measurement index is out, the waist circumference counts! Ideal

94 cm. From 102 cm means fat grows.

4. "Hormones"

To put it quite clearly, "I am for the use of hormones for men and women under certain conditions". The decline of hormones is a natural part of the aging process and begins with men around the age of 30. It is a slow, creeping process that initially remains uninformed. It depends on the lifestyle of the man how fast the hormone degradation goes and when the first symptoms occur. I refer to the previous chapters "Freiräume", "Sport", "Ernährung"! Here, the foundation stones are laid, which can later manifest themselves in a so-called testosterone deficiency syndrome (TMS). Symptoms of TSM are dry, wrinkled skin, thin hair, decreasing muscle mass with increasing grease growth (pointed belly). The blood pressure increases, as does the cholesterol level and the blood glucose. The sexual life of the men changes with the years in which the lust for sex can just as easily diminish as the erectile capacity of the limb. The emphasis lies with the "can" not "must"!

The so-called testosterone level decreases by about 1.2% per year from the 40th birthday of the man. The testosterone value of a 70-year-old is only about two-thirds of his value with 40.

The effects of this testosterone drop are quite different. There are 80-year-old men who have few problems with their sexual life and 30 to 65 year-olds suffer from it. This group can definitely be helped! How to help these men is medically, ethically, morally and socially highly controversial.

My masculine medicine:

After we have touched the so - called "medical" on men 's health, I would now like to come to the sections which should be of interest to any man (even woman), but they are rather shunned in general, serious, medical publications To name things by name. It is, above all, our religious morals that are crusted over for many generations, which prevent a relaxed, relaxed relationship with sexuality. There was much written about the reasons and causes of this jammed and highly problematic sexual morale. Biologically and scientifically proven, man is a polygamous creature.

It is also certain that our current treatment of sexuality is highly taboo. Thus, the nature and nature of man contradicts. Countless sex studies have shown that our unnatural treatment of the most natural thing in the world involves diverse social and medical psychological problems.

I mean to say "men (and women) make you free!"

Free from constraints, performance pressure and conventions, at least in the area of ​​the private, the personal, the sexual!

However, this can hardly be realized in everyday life, in the workplace.


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